Patient Reviews

First time client and will definitely be a returning one! Great experience overall. Clinic is very clean and aesthetically pleasing. Staff is very friendly! Dr Jeff was so knowledgeable, you can tell he is very passionate about not just dentistry, but as it relates to his patient’s overall health. My hygienist Lauren was so thorough with my cleaning and education. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a dental team that goes above and beyond!
Khyla D
22:59 19 Jun 24
The clinic has good hygiene maintained. The front desk staff is welcoming and dental staff and doctors are proficient with their treatments and procedures. Overall a great experience.
Radhika Sawant
18:28 31 May 24
I’ve been coming here for years. Love the staff and experience of visiting brush dental. Would highly recommend. Also Peter Rules, very friendly and professional.
Ryan Moran
21:15 22 May 24
Always satisfied with the dental work. Enjoy the friendly, caring staff & dentists. Never had a question that wasn’t answered.
Diana Aurigemma
20:46 25 Apr 24
After experiencing intense fear of the dentist, this is the one place I trust not to relapse and find myself back in the chair as a patient. From the front desk to Peter the hygienist and Dr. Knudson, this has been one of the best experiences. They don't push upsells, but genuinely work on a plan to prevent your return. Easily the best dentist in the Seattle area.
Vicky Biyo
20:02 02 Apr 24
Very friendly staff, great atmosphere, clean space. They treat you like your part of the family. Highly recommend them for all your dental needs. Reasonable prices as well.
David Kleespie
22:22 20 Mar 24
had my first appt with them yesterday and have been staring at my smile since leaving. I called last week to establish care/ fix a recently chipped bottom tooth and they got me in the next week. they were kind, patient with my gagging (gave tips too), and incredibly informative. Along with fixing the new chip on my bottom tooth, they also fixed a chip in my upper front tooth i’ve had for at least 16 years. When Dr Annie Knudsen handed me the mirror I GIGGLED. I’ve been covering my smile for 16 years. super happy, ho early excited for my next cleaning.
Alyson Martin
16:54 15 Feb 24
Amazing professional service.The team at Brush dental has helped me maintain healthy gums and teeth!
Chad Rife
00:02 18 Jan 24
I've gone to Brush twice now, and had a good experience both times - techs are friendly and helped me feel comfortable. I also really appreciate that the folks there have always used my preferred name, even though that's not the name on my insurance. I only ever use that name in medical settings, and it's great when it's not used there either.
Kai Yuan
20:40 31 Dec 23
The team at Brush Dental is just fantastic - both my wife and I have been going here for several years and Dr. Jeff is the best dentist I've been to. The hygenists are uniformly excellent, with very gentle technique, and the entire office is comfortable and well designed. We've had more complicated procedures, like crowns and implants, and these have also been very well done. Their in house crown machine will fabricate a crown while you wait, which saves cost, and two weeks of waiting time at other dentists. And much less expensive than at other dentists. A great experience overall!
Richard Siegel
15:08 19 Oct 23
My experience here was great , the lower retainer was only $250 including the scan. My other dentist wanted $750 , 500 dollar difference.The front desk was professional and courteous, the dental assistant who did my x-rays was friendly and efficient - the dentist was very helpful and took the time to explain different costs for implants etc.Overall, this place is a high quality establishment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for affordable and excellent care. 10/10 THANK YOU !!!
Holly Mors
19:49 18 Sep 23
If you can take the time to read the reviews, you might notice how often the adjective “kind“ is used to describe the dentists and staff at BRUSH. I cannot imagine how they could be surpassed. They do everything as right and good as it can be. Kudos!!
Sharon Galloway
20:30 15 Sep 23
First time appointment, great and efficient business. Manpreet was very knowledgeable, kind, accommodating and thorough. I also loved their easy to use appointment and paperwork electronic systems. Very easy to use.
Maggie Roberts
15:51 26 Jun 23
Kind & knowledgeable. Very clean office. Everyone is very professional. Explained what was going on throughout the appointment. Dr. Jeff took the time thoroughly explain my teeth, gums, bite, etc. & advised me on things no other dentist has before. Highly recommend Brush Dental.
beth buechner
20:55 21 Jun 23
Brush Dental is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever been to, and yes I’ve lived in a lot of cities in the PNW so tried many! They are always professional and kind and the best part is your comfort is a priority.They are always gentle with my teeth and gums and my kids love going to! Win win!
Christina Kimble
22:06 18 Apr 23
Dr. Annie was legit AF. She was kind, professional, and really gave me the best overall picture of where my dental health stood! I only make around 45k a year and to have a dentist sympathize and willing to work with my financial situation meant the absolute world to me! The entire staff here was top notch and I truly appreciated their willingness to work with me and my financial situation. Professional, compassionate, and top of line describe this clinic! Definitely give them a go!
Nathaniel Leeson
05:10 12 Mar 23
Dr. Moses was kind, and attentive, and made me feel comfortable throughout my visit. Thank you for your excellent care.
Kyunghye An
06:13 22 Feb 23
Seriously the most empathetic, patient and understanding people I've ever met. I went in with a lot of anxiety, expecting the worst after years of no treatment, only to be met with utter kindness. They let me cry in front of them, gave me every opportunity to slow down or ask questions, and provided no judgement for the state of my mouth. (Luckily for me it wasn't as bad as I thought). They were willing to work around my insurance and space things out so I didn't take too much of a financial burden. They are easily my forever dentists and have changed my perception completely.
Shelby Hartsell
05:57 23 Nov 22
From the time I walked into the door, everyone was very friendly, very professionally. It really made me relax because of my fear of the dentist. It was the best experience I've had the dentist was very professional, explained everything to me.
Rhonda Rodgers
22:20 02 Nov 22
The best experience I’ve had at the dentist hands down. You can schedule online which is so convenient and see what times they have available without having to go back & forth with a receptionist, seems minimal until you realize there’s a better way.From 1 appointment they were able to diagnose a whole host of other problems I was having because of the way my mouth and jaw is configured, SO knowledgeable and happy to explain and answer questions. Highly recommend 🙂
Paul Gehrig
00:05 26 May 22
I was impressed by the quality of care I received. I was referred here by another dentist and was quite apprehensive about going but they were awesome. Scheduling was a breeze and they even got me in same day.
Google Account
06:34 02 May 22
I have been going to Brush Dental for about 7 years now. Dr. J. Knudson and Dr. A. Knudson are very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and intentional when treating me. I have had very complicated issues come up with my teeth including my front incisors coming out after impact with a softball (not soft at all), which Dr. J. Knudson was able to put back in place enough for me to get orthodontic care from Dr. Bokow. After my orthodontic treatment, I had crown lengthening and whitening done in office. I am extremely happy with the cosmetic results thus far. In addition to my tooth trauma, I was plagued with chronic reflux for years which withered away the enamel on my back molars. I have had great success with the crowns I got placed by Dr. J. Knudson. They and their hygienist are incredibly gentle with my extremely sensitive teeth. While I live in proximity to a few different dentists I don't think I will ever switch! Looking forward to the next steps in my cosmetic work, but that will be another review for another time! So far, extremely happy with my care after 7+ years.
Sarah Dershowitz
19:31 11 Apr 22
I have dental anxiety and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Brush dental. I especially appreciated that everybody in the practice took the time to explain and make sure I understood everything that was happening. I really felt like the dentist truly cared about my oral health and not just the paycheck. Would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Cheyenne Davis
21:34 29 Mar 22
Wonderfully helpful and supportive. They worked with me regarding my bad habits and financial limitations.
Sydney MacLean
23:01 16 Mar 22
I highly recommend Dr Jeff Knudson and Brush Dental. Dr Jeff is very knowledgeable and kind, he explained to me in details the procedures I needed and took care to alleviate my concerns. I had the chance to also meet Dr Annie who was lovely, we had a great discussion on preventive care and how to best take care of my teeth. Overall stellar quality of care!
Yaacoub Chahine
01:05 04 Mar 22
People are kind, patient and professional. Really great experience!
00:31 22 Feb 22
Very nice dentists and the whole experience was great!
Jennifer Zhang
21:56 01 Feb 22
I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Knudson and the Brush Dental Practice. When I visited several weeks ago, Dr. Knudson took the time to speak to me in depth about an issue I am facing and showed a level of care that I have not seen elsewhere in a long time. His mastery and knowledge is unparalleled and his staff is also skillful, kind, and caring. Don't look any further than this practice, you won't be disappointed.
Caroline Tofflemire
18:54 24 Jan 22
They’re super great about being up front about cost, both of the dentists are super knowledgeable about the medical side of dentistry. Appointments are on time.
Lizzy Canarie
23:54 21 Dec 21
As someone with a small mouth, what I appreciate most about Brush Dental is how they are respectful and considerate of my fears about dentistry and how they have accommodated me to make my experience as "unstressful" as possible.As others have mentioned, all of the employees are extremely pleasant and totally professional. Unlike some in the medical professional, Dr. Knudson never talks down to patients and does an excellent job of explaining any issues that arise and offering different treatment options.Today's appointment was a follow-up so that he could check the status of a sore found on my tongue to make certain it wasn't cancerous. Since I hadn't felt anything, I appreciated his watching out for me. Fortunately, the sore's worrisome aspects had improved, so I left with my kind at ease.
Shosh W
03:04 15 Dec 21
I finally fixed the keyboard in my mouth and I am glad I did it here. Thank you!
Z. Eshete
19:26 20 Oct 21
I cannot recommend Brush Dental highly enough! All of the staff members are professional, kind, great to work with, and value everyone's safety. They also provide an option to watch Netflix while you get your teeth cleaned.Drs. Annie and Kurt always take the time to explain what's going on with my teeth and give me options when determining what action to take. They are also honest and never try to make me buy anything unnecessary, which I cannot say about other dentists I've been to. Finally, there is patient-designated parking nearby, which is a gem in the busy U-District.Seriously, Brush Dental is the best!
Zoë Erb
16:08 15 Sep 21
I was terrified of going back to the dentist after having several bad experiences in the past. After my visit today, I feel silly for thinking that. I had a wisdom tooth removed. The process was very fast. The staff were very kind. The fees where much lower than what I thought I was in for. I will be returning for further treatments in the future. Huge Thank you to the wonderful people at Brush Dental.
Bill Ted
18:29 14 Jul 21
Great service and friendly staff! Honest about the dental work and made sure to confirm my comfort before proceeding with any work. Comfy chairs too!
Brendan Orta
19:38 07 Apr 21
I recently went to Brush Dental for the first time and had a such an impressive experience I had to write this review. Dr. Cervantes explained/taught me more about my teeth in the one visit than I think I have learned from any other dentist ever, and he was so friendly and kind. I have to say I love that they have Netflix too! I also felt very safe with their Covid protocols. So glad to have found a great new dentist.
01:08 31 Mar 21
Everyone was super nice. Timing was pretty accurate as far as doctors and dentists go. They were transparent about what they were doing and any recommendations for follow up. Great experience!
Roxanna M
21:45 16 Mar 21
I removed my wisdom tooth. People were all nice and warm. This is my first time here, will come back for future dental issues.
Chunlei Zhou
01:33 25 Feb 21
I’ve been going here for years and have always had a great experience. No one likes getting their teeth scraped, but I’d pick Brush Dental over anyone else. The staff is friendly and they all have perfect teeth (that bodes well).
Caitlin Foster
18:09 03 Feb 21
They are awesome, they are in the business for our health, not our money. 😊
Savanna Starkey
19:55 04 Jan 21
I’ve been a patient at Brush dental for over 5 years and they’ve consistently been amazing, I actually say “I love my dentist”! 😁Great customer service, gentle cleaning, transparent with pricing and give you a heads up if there may be a future problem or service in the future so you can plan accordingly. Highly recommend! 🦷PS- have gone during covid pandemic and felt completely safe as they exercised all precautions. 😷
Samantha Guerrero
00:15 17 Dec 20
These guys are great, always a pleasant and timely experience. Great advice, good people... I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody.
Dan Filbin
00:07 05 Dec 20
Easily the best dentist I have seen in my entire life.
Julian Catrambone
23:11 22 Oct 20
Everybody at Brush Dental is great! They are kind, friendly, professional and competent. I strongly recommend them!!
Domnita Valeria Rusnac
01:21 21 Oct 20
Great caring dentists and wonderful dental assistants.
Agnieszka Kownacka
23:29 20 Oct 20
I've been a patient with Brush for a couple of years now. As the daughter of a dentist, I trust the Brush dentists and hygienists I've worked with and feel they transparently prioritize what is best for me, long term. Also, Jessica the Office Manager was above and beyond professional in helping resolve an insurance issue that made me feel very taken care of by this office and staff. I will continue to choose Brush for my dental needs because of the impeccable service and high quality of professional care they provide.Also, very clean facilities and great communication/appointment process especially during COVID.
Brenna Hindman
20:47 28 Sep 20
As a new patient, I was given a thorough and thoughtful assessment and care plan. Wasn’t rushed or pressured. Have scheduled next appt.
Jodi Clagg
17:39 15 Sep 20
First time in today. These people are absolutely amazing at what they do and put a lot of care in the quality, as well as the efficiency of their work. They are customer oriented and work collaboratively to insure an amazing experience. Overall, I’m very satisfied with time and patience put into my care. Thank you so much y’all!
Angelo Xhemalaj
19:03 03 Sep 20
During Covid they are very professional and I felt very protected. I’ve been coming to this office for over 20 years. Love the team!
Kara Depiazza
17:05 17 Jun 20
The staff are very kind and caring. I have been going to brush for years and every appointment is a 10.
Starla Kujath
00:05 28 May 20
Great compassionate care!! They make dentistry less painful and very educational.
Senayet Seni
01:24 11 Feb 20
My 8 year old daughter had a chipped tooth from a fall in the playground. Even though we had never been here before, they treated her without delay and were thorough. We are looking forward to the follow up in a couple of weeks. They are great with kids.
madhusmita datta
21:03 22 Jan 20
Brush Dental always explains dental procedures in a way I can understand. Since I don't have insurance they do their best to work with me. I found them just by chance, no referral or anything, and I've been a patient now for almost 6 years.
Ingela Andersson
21:23 20 Dec 19
Always efficient, welcoming and highly competent service. The best dental practice I’ve ever encountered.
Mary Beth Celio
17:15 20 Dec 19
Professional and quick and personal. I have been going to this location for 20 years and am amazed at the advances in equipment and technique. The going dentist no longer feels like a painful chore but rather a quick medical spa treatment.
Claire Kruller
19:23 12 Nov 19
Every appointment has been conducted very professionally. They are always very informative about what they are doing, and more importantly, what I should be doing to facilitate better dental health. I came to Brush Dental because my Dentist retired, and have stayed with them because the experience has been great!
Nat Painter
19:58 08 Nov 19
Absolutely awesome from the front desk to the dentists and hygienists! Cleanings are thorough and the dentists are very current on treatment options. Can't recommend them enough.
James Cadd
20:24 29 Oct 19
I "love" this place - I mean, for a dentist. Great care, attention and explanation. Drd. Knudsen ate the best!!! They and all of the staff offe only the greatest care, attention and clarity. This is the only place I want to go for my dental care!
Taylor Donovan
02:15 11 Oct 19
The people at Brush Dental are awesome. Jessica is great and always helpful. Melaney does a great job and always keeps me informed. I highly recommend Brush Dental!
Jon Essex
01:56 27 Aug 19
Jeff and Annie and their staff are wonderful. They are so easy to work with, and have made real real improvements in my teeth. Oh yeah……… And they’re really good at what they do
Jonathan Cohen
20:32 22 Jul 19
Absolutely fantastic! They make you feel like your at home and they do a great job on your teeth 😁😎
The Coyote
17:14 22 Jul 19
I have always enjoyed going to Brush. Dr. Knudsen always explains things thoroughly and kindly but directly. The assistants are attentive and personable.
Allison Speicher
00:45 11 Jul 19
I have gone to Brush dental several times and my experience has always been excellent. Very friendly and helpful staff, awesome hygienists and dentists, and the experience is comfortable and enjoyable. I never thought that I would say that about a trip to the dentist, but my childhood dentist didn’t let me relax and watch Netflix during cleanings...
Matthew Wall
22:05 27 Jun 19
My wife and I have been going to Brush for a few years and absolutely love it. We moved 30 minutes away and I still trek up there for my check-ups. The staff is always friendly, making appointments is never a hassle (I usually schedule via email) and they do a great job of making sure that I have a complete understanding of what's going on.
Joe Buck
21:02 30 May 19
While visiting from out of town i had a filling come out and needed an emergency dentist visit prevent my tooth from chipping.In an out in a little over an hour. I appreciated that the secretary sent me the new patient forms prior to the appointment so I could fill them out at home. The staff was kind, courteous, and helpful. Dr Ann was pleasant, understanding, reasonable, and patient with me, as I described a brief dental history for the relevant tooth, and when I requested she adjust the filling’s bite multiple times until I was satisfied.
Art Chang
18:44 30 May 19
The staff is always nice and friendly, reasonably priced for dental care.
Roxanne Boyd
23:06 17 Apr 19
Everything is first-rate here - the dentists, the hygienist, the front desk lady, the equipment. Even the videos with headphones that they offer you during your cleaning.😀👍
tom cannon
15:04 17 Apr 19
Very thoughtful and friendly team of doctors and staff that takes the time to answer questions. Conservative approach.
Tuu-Van Nguyen
16:28 31 Mar 19
Always a pleasant experience, have been a patient here for the past few years. Wonderful couple-owned practice. Friendly and super knowledgable staff. My dental health has vastly improved since coming here and is now in consistently great shape! 😁
Mike Bozee
15:04 27 Mar 19
Wonderful couple-owned practice on 45th in the U District. The dental care and support staff are top notch and professional in every aspect, and they're just lovely people to boot. My family has been with Brush Dental way before the ownership changed hands, and we'd never consider changing. Most importantly, the staff always makes things right, and this is something not always easily found. If you are a person with teeth, you should trust them to Brush Dental.
Steven S.
21:51 14 Mar 19
When I moved to Seattle, one of the things I was most nervous about was finding a new dentist. Ive been burned in the past by dentists who did not do quality work, so without a referral, I knew I was taking a risk. It wa a risk that totally paid off! Doctors Annie and Jeff are both amazing. They are super informative and it is easy to see how dentistry their passion. On top of that, they are both incredibly approachable and kind. I’d recommend Brush Dental to anyone looking to be treated with diligent care and respect.
Nikki La Croce
22:34 03 Jan 19
Friendly and positive staff! True professionals who always have the clients best interest in mind. I drive into Seattle from the Eastside because I actually ‘enjoy’ going to Brush Dental!
Casey Oiness
16:10 05 Dec 18
Best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr Knudson is thorough and takes time to explain everything. All of the staff is wonderful. And they let you watch Netflix during procedures! Highly recommend!
Anne Jones
18:07 05 Nov 18
High quality dental care with emphasis on preventative measures to insure good dental health into the future. Very pleasant and professional staff.
David G Kachel
18:32 09 Oct 18
Great Dr. and Staff. I had a broken tooth situation and I appreciated getting in promptly for an appointment. Dr. Jeff Knudson was also so thorough and informative with the process, ready to answer any question I had about options and insurance. I’m glad I came there!
Christina Beacham
13:37 18 Sep 18
Absolutely the best dentist I’ve ever had. Great staff, amazing attention to detail. Highly recommend.
Todd Garrettson
16:22 13 Aug 18
Wonderful service from the front desk to hygienists -who are very knowledgeable -painless and effective teeth cleaning. Dr.Annie and Jeff are both on top of their field for current denta practice and orthodontic recommendations. Very pleased.
Karen Talge
00:32 31 Jul 18
Awesome place! They do really great work & the people are super nice. Highly recommended!
Julie Craft
21:05 25 Jul 18
Great friendly staff and clean and very modern facilities. Plus Netflix and Pandora for your enjoyment 🙂
Eva Hom
16:07 10 Jul 18
Fantastic staff. Updated amenities. Modern technology. Hope to continue to be a customer for years
Zachary Oliver
19:59 21 Jun 18
This was my first visit here for a consultation about teeth grinding. I appreciate that Dr. Jeff Knudson takes a holistic view of health and is focused on treating the whole person, not just their teeth. It was easy to schedule an appointment and when I arrived I was seen promptly.
Rachel McDonald
18:57 22 May 18
Very friendly and upbeat office. I would recommend these Drs to anybody!! I found my new dentist!! 😁
Mary Bemis
20:38 16 May 18
The staff at Brush are amazing! was referred by coworkers and I couldn’t speak more highly of the care they took to ease my discomfort and also to explain everything. So glad to have found them.
Jennifer McCauley
19:49 30 Apr 18
Dr. Jeff Knudson is amazing! His knowledge and diagnostic skills are matched by his exceptional ability to describe and inform the patient. He gives the options and reasons then lets the patient decide with the benefit of full information. The hygienist was meticulous and firm but still gentle. Wow.
Gregg DuPont
20:01 16 Apr 18
Amazing experience!! They really focus on the whole person not just the teeth. I'm learning more everyday about how the body is all connected 🙂
Peri Countryman
23:57 22 Mar 18
I haven’t ever had a more pleasant experience at a dentist than the one here!! I had put off going to the dentist for far too long, but when I had my first appointment here I couldn’t have been anymore relieved. The staff was so incredible, very nice and really knowledgable. Definitely going to tell everyone I can about this dentist office!
Fay Ferr
22:51 22 Mar 18
Professional and friendly staff . Dr. Annie and Dr. Jeff really care about their patients. After very few visits to the denist over the last 30 years these people helped change my perspective . Now I've been going every 4 months and love it ..Honestly, this place rocks.Mark P.
Shoreline Rental
04:46 21 Mar 18
Clean, upscale and upbeat office. The staff at Brush were all very nice and professional. The dentist took the time to explain all the options and came up with a great plan for my dental health. I would recommend this dentist to anybody.
Rachel Bitten by Books
17:47 20 Mar 18
Always a great experience. Professional, friendly and efficient staff. Dr Knudson is extremely knowledgeable and has done an amazing job on all of my dental work! I recently had my front veneers done by him and my smile has never looked better.
Alla Comer
01:22 01 Mar 18
So I decided to give this place a shot after seeing the reviews and all of the great things people have said about this place. I hadn’t seen a dentist in who knows how long (years), so I was quite nervous to show up and see just how bad it was.Everyone I met there was great. Jeff has a good energy to him and I immediately felt comfortable once he walked in. He broke everything down for me and explained it all with great detail. Furthermore, he made a detailed plan for me on what we would want to prioritize first to last. He then joked a bit saying along the lines of for how long I’ve been away from the chair things are actually quite decent. Annie came in to help with one part of the procedure and I felt a similar vibe with her as well. She has a great sense of humor, and they really treat you well there. She helped out with the numbing part, to which she assured me she was quite good at, and she was certainly right. I found her quite soothing which is great in her line of work, I must say. You pay upfront for everything there, but because of my first experience alone I believe I’ve found my spot. They’re very professional first and foremost, caring, and you can never go wrong with a side of humor to go with it which makes it all work great. I wouldn’t have expected to say that I’m rather excited to go back to the dentist after my long break. They’ll be seeing me again soon.
Samuel Russell
23:54 26 Feb 18
very grateful for the work and results I received at Brush Dental in Seattle. Invisalign was tough to stay disciplined with, but it's well worth the investment.
James Branca
21:56 20 Feb 18
Always a pleasant experience. Staff are friendly and efficient, especiallyDr. Jeff Knudsen.Newest equipment and techniques, friendly lively staff, will help you not dread going to the dentist.
Irene Haines
04:52 20 Feb 18
Dr. Knudson was kind, knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my questions honestly. She didn't make me feel shame for being on a budget and was careful to tell me exactly how much the care I was considering would cost. The hygenist was also very nice and did a frat job cleaning my teeth. I look forward to returning again in 6 months.
Christina Halaszyn
01:33 20 Feb 18
Dr. Annie was on maternity leave so I actually saw her husband Dr. Jeff and he told me more helpful information in twenty minutes than I’ve ever gotten from all other dentists combined. I have severe tooth problems and with how grim my last dentist made it sound I had lost hope of affording treatment but he made me feel like I can do it one step at a time. Will definitely return and recommend. Also, they have a tv the pull down in front of you and put whatever you want on Netflix on and headphones the distraction is much appreciated.
Natalie Rynd
17:49 10 Feb 18
I had my first visit with Brush Dental and they are hands down the best dentist office I have been to. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful, Dr. Jeff Knudson was very knowlegable and offered multiple suggestions for treatment plans, and facilities were top-knotch. We all know dental visits are not fun, however, I am thrilled with my new dentist and would recommend to anyone!
Marcee Boggs
04:30 09 Feb 18
This is a fantastic dental practice. They go out of their way to put the patient at ease and ensure they have a pleasant experience. They are highly knowledgeable and utilize the latest high-tech equipment. You won’t be disappointed.
Matt M
03:31 07 Feb 18
Modem, professional and down to earth. The offices are clean and comfortable with updated tech. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Tarin Schalow
00:36 13 Dec 17
Love Brush! Been have been taking care of me for 2 years now... Very organized & helpful!
Daniel Baah
20:10 27 Nov 17
Jeff & Annie Knutson as well as their staff-- Jessica,Melanie, Ali, Richelle, & Colleen are outstanding. Friendly, accommodating, and always see their patients on time. I have been happy with Jeff and Annie's work!
Teresa Ward
22:38 11 Nov 17
Fantastic staff! Everyone is friendly and professional. Every procedure is explained thoroughly. Doctors and and Dental Assistants are quick, efficient and make things as painless as possible. Highly recommend.
beatrice black
13:56 03 Oct 17
After coming from questionable dental services, Dr. Annie and the staff at Brush seem like a dream! I have been going here for a few years now and I completely trust Brush with my teeth as well as my family and friends'. They are very friendly, patient with questions, and take extra steps to fit their work to your unique needs
Rachel L. Rinehart
17:31 19 Sep 17

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