Dental Cleanings
& Exams

We encourage regular checkups for anyone one year and older or when teeth become visible, whichever occurs first. Regular check ups are important to assess dental health risk and treat problems early while they are still manageable.

A regular checkup will include a thorough cleaning and polishing and head, neck and oral exam by one of the doctors. During the exam all hard and soft tissues will be evaluated to ensure good overall health. This includes the jaw joint, teeth, gums, tongue and the surrounding soft tissues. A regular check up and cleaning usually take around one hour.

Your first visit

At your first visit we will go over your medical and dental history. We will then take a Panoramic X-ray that shows the entire structure of the jaw, the position of the teeth and any possible issues in the jaw or surrounding areas. We will then take four more Bitewing X-rays that capture in between the teeth and show breakdown of tooth structure and/or bone. With all this information we will then generate a risk assessment for current and future oral issues. We will go over all our findings with you and figure out a treatment plan that is ideal for your needs. Our office also takes a great deal of time setting up a plan that involves preventative care that you can oversee to lessen your risk and lessen the amount of dental work needed in the future.


A few of other dental services



We want you and your child to feel at ease during their visits as it should be.



Put your dental anxiety at ease while your teeth are cleaned.



An easy, comfortable, & clear alternative to traditional metal braces.



Your smile is one of your most important features!

  • Love Brush! Been have been taking care of me for 2 years now... Very organized & helpful!

    Daniel B. University District Resident
  • I went for my first visit today and everyone was super nice and informative, while willing to take time to listen and answer any questions I had. It was also extremely clean and they had Netflix, which is always a plus since I'm behind on Home of Cards and always forget to watch it.

    Sam A. University District Resident
  • As usual - excellent. And a special thank you to Jessica for getting details on our insurance coverage.

    Kerry D.
  • Dr. Jeff is clearly knowledgable and cares for the well-being of his patients. Rochelle was an excellent hygienist, and carried a pleasurable conversation.

    Jorge B.
  • After coming from questionable dental services, Dr. Annie and the staff at Brush seem like a dream! I have been going here for a few years now and I completely trust Brush with my teeth as well as my family and friends'. They are very friendly, patient with questions, and take extra steps to fit their work to your unique needs

    Rachel R. Wallingford Resident
  • Jeff & Annie Knutson as well as their staff-- Jessica,Melanie, Ali, Richelle, & Colleen are outstanding. Friendly, accommodating, and always see their patients on time. I have been happy with Jeff and Annie's work!

    Teresa W.
  • Everyone was friendly and helpful. I got a lot of information and options. I don't have insurance and they were great about letting me know the costs before continuing. I'll be back.

    Bev M.
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