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Being a family and cosmetic dentist, we offer a variety of services for our patients like regular cleanings and exams, invisalign, other cosmetic dentistry, and more… Your smile is our priority!

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Doctors Jeff & Annie Knudson believe in educating first, teaching prevention, & treating if necessary. We want you to understand all aspects of your oral health, why exams are needed, & which treatment options are available…

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Take a quick tour of our dental office. It offers all of the latest in dental technology and patient conveniences to ensure the best patient experience possible. We will see you soon.

A few of our dental services


Check ups are important to assess dental health & treat problems early.


Put your dental anxiety at ease while your teeth are cleaned.


An easy, comfortable, & clear alternative to traditional metal braces.


Your smile is one of your most important features!

Fantastic staff! Everyone is friendly and professional. Every procedure is explained thoroughly. Doctors and and Dental Assistants are quick, efficient and make things as painless as possible. Highly recommend.
beatrice black
13:56 03 Oct 17
Love Brush! Been have been taking care of me for 2 years now... Very organized & helpful!
Daniel Baah
20:10 27 Nov 17
After coming from questionable dental services, Dr. Annie and the staff at Brush seem like a dream! I have been going here for a few years now and I completely trust Brush with my teeth as well as my family and friends'. They are very friendly, patient with questions, and take extra steps to fit their work to your unique needs
Rachel L. Rinehart
17:31 19 Sep 17
Jeff & Annie Knutson as well as their staff-- Jessica,Melanie, Ali, Richelle, & Colleen are outstanding. Friendly, accommodating, and always see their patients on time. I have been happy with Jeff and Annie's work!
Teresa Ward
22:38 11 Nov 17
Modem, professional and down to earth. The offices are clean and comfortable with updated tech. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Tarin Schalow
00:36 13 Dec 17
This is a fantastic dental practice. They go out of their way to put the patient at ease and ensure they have a pleasant experience. They are highly knowledgeable and utilize the latest high-tech equipment. You won’t be disappointed.
Matt M
03:31 07 Feb 18
I had my first visit with Brush Dental and they are hands down the best dentist office I have been to. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful, Dr. Jeff Knudson was very knowlegable and offered multiple suggestions for treatment plans, and facilities were top-knotch. We all know dental visits are not fun, however, I am thrilled with my new dentist and would recommend to anyone!
Marcee Boggs
04:30 09 Feb 18
Dr. Annie was on maternity leave so I actually saw her husband Dr. Jeff and he told me more helpful information in twenty minutes than I’ve ever gotten from all other dentists combined. I have severe tooth problems and with how grim my last dentist made it sound I had lost hope of affording treatment but he made me feel like I can do it one step at a time. Will definitely return and recommend. Also, they have a tv the pull down in front of you and put whatever you want on Netflix on and headphones the distraction is much appreciated.
Natalie Rynd
17:49 10 Feb 18
Dr. Knudson was kind, knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my questions honestly. She didn't make me feel shame for being on a budget and was careful to tell me exactly how much the care I was considering would cost. The hygenist was also very nice and did a frat job cleaning my teeth. I look forward to returning again in 6 months.
Christina Halaszyn
01:33 20 Feb 18
Always a pleasant experience. Staff are friendly and efficient, especiallyDr. Jeff Knudsen.Newest equipment and techniques, friendly lively staff, will help you not dread going to the dentist.
Irene Haines
04:52 20 Feb 18
very grateful for the work and results I received at Brush Dental in Seattle. Invisalign was tough to stay disciplined with, but it's well worth the investment.
James Branca
21:56 20 Feb 18
So I decided to give this place a shot after seeing the reviews and all of the great things people have said about this place. I hadn’t seen a dentist in who knows how long (years), so I was quite nervous to show up and see just how bad it was.Everyone I met there was great. Jeff has a good energy to him and I immediately felt comfortable once he walked in. He broke everything down for me and explained it all with great detail. Furthermore, he made a detailed plan for me on what we would want to prioritize first to last. He then joked a bit saying along the lines of for how long I’ve been away from the chair things are actually quite decent. Annie came in to help with one part of the procedure and I felt a similar vibe with her as well. She has a great sense of humor, and they really treat you well there. She helped out with the numbing part, to which she assured me she was quite good at, and she was certainly right. I found her quite soothing which is great in her line of work, I must say. You pay upfront for everything there, but because of my first experience alone I believe I’ve found my spot. They’re very professional first and foremost, caring, and you can never go wrong with a side of humor to go with it which makes it all work great. I wouldn’t have expected to say that I’m rather excited to go back to the dentist after my long break. They’ll be seeing me again soon.
Samuel Russell
23:54 26 Feb 18
Always a great experience. Professional, friendly and efficient staff. Dr Knudson is extremely knowledgeable and has done an amazing job on all of my dental work! I recently had my front veneers done by him and my smile has never looked better.
Alla Comer
01:22 01 Mar 18
Clean, upscale and upbeat office. The staff at Brush were all very nice and professional. The dentist took the time to explain all the options and came up with a great plan for my dental health. I would recommend this dentist to anybody.
Rachel Bitten by Books
17:47 20 Mar 18
Professional and friendly staff . Dr. Annie and Dr. Jeff really care about their patients. After very few visits to the denist over the last 30 years these people helped change my perspective . Now I've been going every 4 months and love it ..Honestly, this place rocks.Mark P.
Shoreline Rental
04:46 21 Mar 18
I haven’t ever had a more pleasant experience at a dentist than the one here!! I had put off going to the dentist for far too long, but when I had my first appointment here I couldn’t have been anymore relieved. The staff was so incredible, very nice and really knowledgable. Definitely going to tell everyone I can about this dentist office!
Fay Ferr
22:51 22 Mar 18
Amazing experience!! They really focus on the whole person not just the teeth. I'm learning more everyday about how the body is all connected 🙂
Peri Countryman
23:57 22 Mar 18
Dr. Jeff Knudson is amazing! His knowledge and diagnostic skills are matched by his exceptional ability to describe and inform the patient. He gives the options and reasons then lets the patient decide with the benefit of full information. The hygienist was meticulous and firm but still gentle. Wow.
Gregg DuPont
20:01 16 Apr 18
The staff at Brush are amazing! was referred by coworkers and I couldn’t speak more highly of the care they took to ease my discomfort and also to explain everything. So glad to have found them.
Jennifer McCauley
19:49 30 Apr 18
Very friendly and upbeat office. I would recommend these Drs to anybody!! I found my new dentist!! 😁
Mary Bemis
20:38 16 May 18
This was my first visit here for a consultation about teeth grinding. I appreciate that Dr. Jeff Knudson takes a holistic view of health and is focused on treating the whole person, not just their teeth. It was easy to schedule an appointment and when I arrived I was seen promptly.
Rachel McDonald
18:57 22 May 18
Fantastic staff. Updated amenities. Modern technology. Hope to continue to be a customer for years
Zachary Oliver
19:59 21 Jun 18
Great friendly staff and clean and very modern facilities. Plus Netflix and Pandora for your enjoyment 🙂
Eva Hom
16:07 10 Jul 18
Awesome place! They do really great work & the people are super nice. Highly recommended!
Julie Craft
21:05 25 Jul 18
Wonderful service from the front desk to hygienists -who are very knowledgeable -painless and effective teeth cleaning. Dr.Annie and Jeff are both on top of their field for current denta practice and orthodontic recommendations. Very pleased.
Karen Talge
00:32 31 Jul 18
Absolutely the best dentist I’ve ever had. Great staff, amazing attention to detail. Highly recommend.
Todd Garrettson
16:22 13 Aug 18
Great Dr. and Staff. I had a broken tooth situation and I appreciated getting in promptly for an appointment. Dr. Jeff Knudson was also so thorough and informative with the process, ready to answer any question I had about options and insurance. I’m glad I came there!
Christina Beacham
13:37 18 Sep 18
High quality dental care with emphasis on preventative measures to insure good dental health into the future. Very pleasant and professional staff.
David G Kachel
18:32 09 Oct 18
Best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr Knudson is thorough and takes time to explain everything. All of the staff is wonderful. And they let you watch Netflix during procedures! Highly recommend!
Anne Jones
18:07 05 Nov 18
Friendly and positive staff! True professionals who always have the clients best interest in mind. I drive into Seattle from the Eastside because I actually ‘enjoy’ going to Brush Dental!
Casey Oiness
16:10 05 Dec 18


Drs. Jeff and Annie Knudson are Preferred Invisalign Providers, completing hundreds of cases and always delivering their patients the result they want. Invisalign is an easy, comfortable, and clear alternative to traditional metal braces.


Give us a call, send us an email, or stop in to say hey! We are conveniently located in the Kennedy Building on 45th street… hope to see you soon.

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